Case Study: Houston Dynamic Service, Inc.

houston dynamic industrial marketing case study


  • Development of a corporate value proposition that was communicated company-wide
  • Development of marketing materials that are stylistically consistent with the brand
  • Development of a world-class website: SEO optimized with new content added regularly
  • After only six months into the Inbound Marketing program, the following results were achieved:
    • 40% increase in website traffic
    • 58% increase in referral traffic (traffic from other websites that have links to the HDS website)
    • 92% increase in organic traffic (traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing searches)
    • 650% increase in keywords that rank on Page 1 of Google search results (from 2 to 15 words)
    • 142 first time callers originating from online marketing efforts[/list]

For over 35 years, Houston Dynamic Service, Inc.  has been providing high quality, innovative rotating equipment repairs to the refining, power gen, offshore drilling, and other process industries.  The company is considered to be one of the leading non-OEM, critical rotating equipment repair facilities in the country, with some of the most experienced minds in the field. Specializing in centrifugal pumps, turbines, compressors, blowers, centrifuges, fans, couplings, and high speed gear units, HDS is a committed partner in achieving every customer’s goal: keeping their critical rotating equipment in continual operation at peak performance.

HDS called Marketects because their sales were plateauing, and they weren’t really sure what to do in terms of marketing. After meeting with HDS executives, it became clear that before Marketects could recommend an industrial marketing strategy, there was some basic, foundational work that needed to be done.  We gathered all key managers together, off-site, for a one day “Marketing Strategy Workshop.”  During that day, we led them through a process of understanding exactly what their unique value proposition is; how they should differentiate themselves from their competitors; what their sales and marketing goals were for the next five years; and the marketing channels that would be most beneficial for them to carry their message.

It was decided that the company wanted to keep its logo, as they felt it was well recognized.  However, every other communications piece that they were currently using was assessed in terms of whether or not it was consistent with the brand’s promise and identity.  Marketects designed new marketing collateral, internal forms, developed a new website, and a trade show display that were all stylistically consistent with the HDS brand.

As a 2nd phase of the website development, an Inbound Marketing Strategy was added which includes:

  • The addition of a Blog to their website
  • Editorial planning and regular blog postings
  • Other content development, such as slide shows and video that are used both on and off-site
  • Ongoing search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing (SMM) on 5 major SM sites

The Inbound Marketing Strategy was only recently launched, but there has already been promising activity as a result.

“HDS has been working with Marketects for over 3 years. During this time Kerry O’Malley has guided us in reshaping the HDS image, helped us focus on the markets we are interesting in expanding into for future growth, and is leading the transition from more traditional marketing methods to an Internet marketing strategy. Everything that Marktects does is helping us to reach out to new clients.”
Clayton Lau – President & CEO

The bottom line: HDS has gained a huge competitive advantage by investing in brand recognition and credibility, and utilizing Digital Marketing when most of their competitors are not.

Call Marketects today if you want to take your business to the next level and outdistance your competition.

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